Church Aston Brewery Shropshire

Church Aston Brewery is a newly formed craft brewery, using the finest ingredients to present a top quality pint of Bitter without compromise.

Two types of Bitter are currently available in two strengths; Lower Bar Bitter 3% - 3.5% and Upper Bar Bitter 3.5% - 4.2% , named after each end of our High Street.

Full bodied and rounded to both the front and back of the palate with a stronger than usual hop aftertaste, our Bitters are presented in a medium colour that is pleasing to the eye, and retain their creamy head.

We use Fuggles, East Kent Goldings and First Gold hops in the production of our beers and currently produce around 500-600 pints per week.

Church Aston Bitter is best served from a traditional bar pull, which will fully extend the flavour and aroma.


For more information about our beer, and details of where you can buy it,
please contact Paul Skitt:

Tel:07806 671436